Facial Rejuvenation (PhotoFacial, HelioFacial)

One of the pioneers in the world of facial rejuvenation, Dr Joseph Georghy has, since 1995, helped thousands of Australian men and women grow old without looking old. He uses a range of the latest technologies including IPL (Intensive Pulsed Light), IPH (Intensive Pulsed Heat), Photodynamic Therapy, Polarised Light + Infrared Heat (HelioTherm), Filtered Infrared Heat (HydroSun), LED, Lasers, Dermal Fillers, Anti-Wrinkle Therapy (Muscle Relaxants), Platelets Rich Plasma (PRP), MicroNeedling, WISHPro and minimally invasive procedures such as thread lifting (Korean Threads, Gold Threads). 

These treatments not only rejuvenate the skin and the face as a whole, but also reverse the skin’s age without the need for surgery and significant downtime. Dr Georghy comments that he has observed patients treated 10 years ago may show no signs of ageing and may even look younger than 10 years ago.

Dr Joseph Georghy performs distant IPH, IPL & Polarised Light

Dr Joseph Georghy performs Infrared-Heat (HelioTherm)

Case Studies

The results after Dr Georghy combined therapy;

Consumer warning - North Shore Cosmetic: Medical and Dental, use 'before and after' photos to showcase possible outcomes and empower patients to make informed decisions. They are not intended to be misleading or deceptive. We have made an effort to ensure that all photographs are taken under the same light, with the same camera, with the same exposure and positioning. No photo has been re-touched or altered in anyway. All Photos are Copyright Dr Joseph Georghy, 2017.

Consumers must be aware that all Cosmetic results can vary from person to person. Please view with caution.

 ‘Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.’

Case Study 1

Before and After

Case Study 2

Before and After

Case Study 3

Before and After

Case Study 4

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Case Study 5

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Case Study 6

Before and After

Case Study 7

Before and After