Micro-dentistry is the practice of finding and treating the decay as early as possible. It is removing as little tooth structure as possible and making the smallest possible restoration and fillings, and ensuring the restoration is aesthetically pleasing and long lasting.

Micro-dentistry is the science based multi-disciplinary approach to prevent and treat oral diseases, by use of minimally invasive treatment and accurate early diagnosis.

Modern dentistry is based on prevention. Prevention is far better than cure. The dentist, working together with the patients uses her/his understanding of oral disease to benefit the patient by pre-empting any likely complication.

Caries is the scientific term for tooth decay or cavities. It is a complex dental disease that requires careful and highly competent consultation. In instances when prevention cannot be achieved, early detection of caries is very important. 

We use the newest methods and tools for detection of caries.

When carious lesions are evident those lesions need to be restored. Waiting longer requires the cutting away of more tooth structure, weakening the remaining tooth. Care always needs to be taken to conserve as much tooth structure as possible. That is minimally invasive treatment. The key to micro-dentistry is making sure that your dental experience is comfortable so it is easier for you to maintain healthy teeth for your life.

The wide range of our general micro-dentistry services include:
•    Providing regular dental check-ups, x-rays and treatment for tooth decay & gum disease
•    Professionally cleaning and polishing your teeth
•    Sealing tooth cavities with white or tooth-coloured fillings
•    Checking the condition of your dental restorations
•    Crowns, bridges and dentures
•    Root canal treatment
•    Dental treatment for children
•    Night splints and mouth-guards
•    Tooth extractions
•    Giving you helpful advice about how you can best look after your teeth at home

Some of the dental technology and techniques we use in our clinic are:
•    A specialised dental camera to detect the earliest signs of tooth decay
•    The wand - Computer assisted anaesthesia system to deliver local anaesthetics

Let us help you preserve as much of your natural tooth structure as possible via early detection and treatment. We aim to treat cavities and gum disease before they cause toothaches, chewing difficulty, or turn into complicated and expensive dental problems.