Scars & Keloids

As the inevitable consequence of surgery or injury, many men and women are left with unsightly scars, often in areas of the body that are exposed on a day-to-day basis. Dr Joseph Georghy combines treatments to successfully treat both hypertrophic and keloid scars. These non-invasive medical therapies not only improve the appearance of the scar, but also improve the quality and texture of the skin. This combined treatment also triggers immediate anti-inflammatory effects, initiates numerous biological processes and stimulates tissue regeneration.


Healing is the inevitable consequence of the Acute Inflammatory Response, once the injurious agent(s) has been removed and necrotic material is demolished. 

 Healing can take one of three forms:

  1. Resolution: occurs when there has been no cell death, involves removal of inflammatory exudate 
  2. Regeneration of cells occurs after cell death. For this to occur, cells must be able to replicate and the anchoring structure (basement membrane) to be intact
  3. Fibrous Repair: the process where a wound is replaced by a scar; involves granulation tissue, cell proliferation, collagen synthesis, scar contracture and scar remodelling.

In processes 1 and 2, normal structure and function return. In process 3 specialised tissue (such as cardiac muscle, neurones) is replaced by connective tissue. In reality, healing is probably a variable mixture of all the above, depending on the tissue. 

The healing process is best exemplified by healing of skin wounds (where the epidermis regenerates, whilst the dermis undergoes fibrosis).


  The dermis is markedly   thickened by the presence of collagen bundles with random orientation and abundant cells

The dermis is markedly thickened by the presence of collagen bundles with random orientation and abundant cells


Dr Georghy uses a combined therapy: Nd: Yag laser, LLLrST, Weber Laser, Photodynamic Hyperthermia, IPL, IPH, LED, PRP, MicroNeedling, and WISHPro.

Case Studies

Consumer warning - North Shore Cosmetic: Medical and Dental, use 'before and after' photos to showcase possible outcomes and empower patients to make informed decisions. They are not intended to be misleading or deceptive. We have made an effort to ensure that all photographs are taken under the same light, with the same camera, with the same exposure and positioning. No photo has been re-touched or altered in any way. All Photos are Copyright Dr Joseph Georghy, 2017.

Consumers must be aware that all Cosmetic results can vary from person to person. Please view with caution.

‘Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.’

Case Study 1

Before and After

Case Study 2

Hypertrophic scar following rotation flap surgery for a very rare cancer ‘Merkel Cell Carcinoma’. The surgery and the post surgical treatment performed by Dr Georghy.

Before and After

Case Study 3

Hypertrophic/Keloid Scars following breast implants (axillary approach).

Before and After

Before and After

Case Study 4

A baby scolded with milk.

Before and After

Case Study 5

Scar left forehead

Before and After

Case Study 6

Severe scaring following acne as a teenager. The result 6 years later following a combine therapy: Microneedling, PRP,IPH, IPL, Nd: Yag Laser, HyperThermia.

Before and After

Before and After

Case Study 7

Patient wished to have permanent hair reduction and the scar ‘disappear’. The result following combine therapy:
Microneedling, PRP,IPH, IPL, Nd: Yag Laser, HyperThermia

Before and After

Case Study 8

Hypertrophic Scar fallowing MVA & Tracheostomy. The result following a combine therapy

Before and After

Case Study 9

Asian Lady wishes redness reduced, scars, pigmentation, skin texture improved &  face rejuvenated.

Before and After

Case Study 10

Hypertrophic scar fallowing Abdominoplasty

Before and After

Case Study 11

Traumatic induced Keloids (squeezing sebaceous hyperplasia)

Before and After

Case Study 12

Keloid Following Earring Irritation

Before and After

Case Study 13

Middle age lady, sustained severe facial injuries in a MVA. The patient had several facial reconstructive procedures and resulted with fibrosis and scaring affecting the lips and both aesthetically and functionally.(patient unable to close the mouth).

Before and After

Case Study 14

30 years old man referred from another clinic fallowing unsuccessful treatment with Steroid injections and several Laser treatments.

Before and After

Dr Georghy’s combined treatment is an exciting approach in the treatment of hypertrophic and keloid scars. It is a clinical observation that most of the scars/keloids respond to the above treatment, particularly if they are treated as early as possible. 

Dr Georghy recommends early treatment, even prophylactic treatment, in people prone to development of these scars based on past medical or family history.

The scar and surrounding tissue should be treated simultaneously with Low Laser Stimulation Therapy (LLST) & PhotoThermal Therapy (PTT).