Teeth Whitening

The simplest and quickest way to whitening the teeth is a process called bleaching. This procedure reverses the discoloration of the tooth enamel and creates whiter teeth. Bleaching is performed in the surgery in 3 visits and usually takes one hour per visit. It involves applying the bleaching gel, on the outer surface of the teeth and then the teeth are exposed to a special light that accelerates the bleaching process. Given the procedure is repeated three times, patients are also provided dietary instructions to reduce staining the teeth. The effect is long lasting if the patient adheres to correct oral hygiene and appropriate diet and drinking habits. Our lifestyle and exposure to certain beverages, food, tobacco, as well as aging, are considered contributing factors to stained and discoloured teeth.

There are 3 types of bleaching:

In chair teeth whitening using concentrated peroxide and light. It usually takes 60-90 minutes. The results are immediate.

Home bleaching treatment, which is done at home by a low concentration bleach provided by the dentist. The treatment is issued with instructions and bleaching trays individually made for each patient.

Non-vital bleaching is for teeth which are decoloured due to root canal treatment.

Bleaching is safe if performed under professional supervision. Each patient will need a pre-treatment exam and consultation to decide on the best course of action. 

Bleaching is not suitable for children under 16, pregnant and lactating women. It has no effect on artificial materials such as fillings, crowns, bridges, veneers, implants, etc.

Case Studies

Consumer warning - North Shore Cosmetic: Medical and Dental, use 'before and after' photos to showcase possible outcomes and empower patients to make informed decisions. They are not intended to be misleading or deceptive. We have made an effort to ensure that all photographs are taken under the same light, with the same camera, with the same exposure and positioning. No photo has been re-touched or altered in anyway. All Photos are Copyright Dr Vera Georghy, 2017.

Consumers must be aware that all dental results can very from person to person. Please view with caution. 


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