Veneers - Composite & Porcelain

A veneer is a thin layer of material placed over a tooth, either to improve the aesthetic of a tooth or to protect against damage to a tooth surface.

Veneers are used to restore either a single tooth or multiple teeth that may have been fractured or discoloured.
Indications include: closing the spaces between the teeth, lengthening teeth shortened by wear, and filling the black triangles between teeth caused by gum recession.

There are two types of veneers: Composite veneers and porcelain veneers;

Composite Veneers

Composite Veneers are made of resin material that is bonded and moulded to the front facing of the tooth structure. There are two types of composite veneers: Direct and Indirect.
Direct composite veneers are performed in one visit and are sculptured at the time of placement. Little preparation time is required to place Direct Composite Veneers.

Composite veneers do require maintenance as they can chip and wear under pressure. They are not stain resistant or colour stable, however, repair is easily done.
In more complex situations indirect composite veneers can be fabricated. They perform better and are longer lasting.
Composite veneers last usually between 3-5 years. They deliver a beautiful appearance while conserving the tooth structure.

Porcelain Veneers

Porcelain Veneers produce the most aesthetically pleasing restorations. The properties of porcelain are the closest to natural tooth structure. They have visual properties including translucency and lustre. They also have great physical properties such as hardness, finish and resiliency.
They don’t need maintenance as the entire facial aspect of the tooth is covered and minimal preparation is required. Porcelain veneers last approximately 10-15 years.

Case Studies

Consumer warning - North Shore Cosmetic: Medical and Dental, use 'before and after' photos to showcase possible outcomes and empower patients to make informed decisions. They are not intended to be misleading or deceptive. We have made an effort to ensure that all photographs are taken under the same light, with the same camera, with the same exposure and positioning. No photo has been re-touched or altered in anyway. All Photos are Copyright Dr Vera Georghy, 2017.

Consumers must be aware that all dental results can vary from person to person. Please view with caution. 

Case Study 1 - Composite Veneers


Before and After

Case Study 2 - Composite Veneers

Before and After

Case Study 3 - Composite Veneers

Before and After

Case Study 4 - Porcelain Veneers

Before and After

Case Study 5 - Porcelain Veneers

Before and After

Case Study 6 - Porcelain Veneers

Before and After

Case Study 7 - Porcelain Veneers

Before and After

Case Study 8 - Porcelain Veneers

Before and After